Answer questions regarding mentor network

Frequently Asked Questions

How does BMN work?

  1. BMN provides a free platform to enablers, impact-investors, visionaries and change-makers with the primary objective of facilitating the sharing of skills, training, resources and information to enable Businesses for Good (“B4Gs”), Non-Government Organisations (“NGOs”) and impact projects.
  2. While we will do our best to ensure that all our members share our vision, members need to do their own assessment of skills providers or other members that they connect with on this platform and conduct their own due diligence on the projects, NGOs and/or B4Gs listed.
  3. BMN does not curate B4G, NGOs or projects.

BMN is owned by Karios Project Ventures https://www.kairosprojectventures.com/ which is an impact investment holding company dedicated to enabling ventures that seek to transform our world. It is a collaborative effort with a number of NGOs, B4Gs and like-minded individuals.

Why should I be a member?

  1. If you share our passion to alleviate poverty, promote sustainability and impact society in a positive way, if you have skills or resources to contribute to our community or if you are a B4G, social enterprise, or impact project looking for help then the BMN platform may be able to address your needs.
  2. BMN platform is an aggregation platform that allows like-minded individuals to share information, resources and skills for a common purpose – transforming society for the better. It works when members conduct themselves with integrity and mutual respect and share the collaborative spirit which is necessary for us to achieve our lofty goals.
  3. On the skills platform you will be able to post your skills and talents that other members can engage or access.
  4. You can post a project to seek investments, resources or help.
  5. You can access our partners online training site that focus on relevant skills and other training.
  6. You can read our blog and news articles, access resources and attend our events.
  7. You can join one of our communities that is focused on specific issues.
  8. BMN is not a political action or lobby group. Our focus is to use business, market-place skills and enterprise structures to do good for society and members should be careful not to allow this platform to be used for other purposes.
  1. What is a Community? – Our partners and associates each have a community page so that they can keep in contact with members, discuss issues relevant the community and post events.
  2. Can I join a Community? You can write in to the community admin to request to join a community but the discretion on whether to admit a person to any community lies with the community admin. Some communities are closed groups and will not allow access to member who are not personally know to each other.
  3. Can I start a Community? We have a limited number of communities that we can set up on this platform but if you have a number of fellow members with a particular area of interest that is aligned with the vision of BMN you can write to the site administrator to ask for a community page to be set up.
  1. You can join as a member and fill in the web-form which will requires compulsory fields to be filled.
  2. Ventures, projects and enterprises and skills are posted on the web-site and are considered by other members.
  3. If there is interest from other members they will be able to connect online.
  4. The profile of projects and skills remains on the BMN platform and is accessible to all members.