5miles – Cafe Flava

Social Enterprise

5miles Limited (incorporated in 2017, Singapore) set up Cafe Flava to provide work and training for the older children who reside in the Towdah Uban Orphanage which it founded in Tanjung Uban, Bintan, Indonesia. 

The concept

Cafe Flava serves as a training centre to develop culinary, marketing, business management and entrepreneurial skills among the Orphanage children aged 16 and above. One of our goals of the Cafe is to prepare the children to take over the running of the Cafe.

As a social enterprise, Cafe Flava’s profits are channelled back to maintain the Orphanage, and the 5 ha farm which Towdah runs. Food that is grown, eg corn, sweet potatoes, long beans, spinach, cucumber, etc, on the farm is harvested and distributed to the needy.

Cafe Flava prepares and distributes food to the needy communities every week under Towdah’s Feed in Love program. Many communities have been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and suffered job losses as hotels have closed in Bintan.

Cafe Flava offers a Western and Indonesian menu to cater to a growing taste among the young for International cuisine. 5miles works with the Flava team to develop the menu, plan the marketing strategy using various platforms and instil positive work ethics and habits and cultivate good hygiene practices. 5miles.com.sg