Featuring: Love Cambodia – working among the poor in Prev Veng, Cambodia


Love Cambodia is a non-governmental organisation based in Prey Veng province, about two hours east of Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital city. Love Cambodia’s approach is practical and driven by the needs on the ground. It is managed locally and draws on the experiences and expertise of Community Officers whose jobs are to identify and befriend the poorest families in a village. These families often have no means of income or resources to even afford one basic meal of rice a day.  They then work alongside these families and villagers to plan and deliver economic, social and medical programmes that assist them to be physically, spiritually, mentally and socially confident.  Learn more about Love Cambodia.

MasterChef Winner Zander Ng met Singaporean founder of Love Cambodia, Chua Bee Ngoh, in a CNA program. Watch it here Chef Mission 2 – Cambodia | On The Red Dot – CNA (channelnewsasia.com)

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